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BOOK OF BOBA FETT series Poster STAR WARS Luke Skywalker Grogu Mandalorian.jpeg
MEDIEVAL movie poster 2022
The Survivor Movie Poster Barry Levinson Ben Foster Boxing Holocaust Movie Makeup Prosthetics Aging Trauma Character

Jamie Kelman's Makeup work plays extensively in these new projects:


Harry Haft Ben Foster Boxer Survivor SFX Makeup Prosthetics Character Aging Trauma Prosthetics

Above: The many faces of actor Ben Foster as Harry Haft in Barry Levinson's THE SURVIVOR. Bottom right is Ben Foster without makeup. He wears a daily character prosthetics makeup to turn him into Harry. Trauma and injury makeups take him through the fights in the boxing rings, and aging makeup spans the decades within the film.  
Jamie Kelman designed, built and applied the makeup for Ben Foster.


Jan Zizka Ben Foster MEDIEVAL eye trauma sfx makeup prosthetics

For Petr Jakl's MEDIEVAL, Ben Foster plays true-legend fifteenth century Czech icon warlord Jan Zizka, a warrior legend who lost his eye during his battles for kings but who defeated armies of the Teutonic Order and the Holy Roman Empire.

Makeup for actor Ben Foster Designed, Built and Applied by Jamie Kelman


Star Wars Alien Banquet Klatooinian Boss King Boba Fett Barada Kithaba

Makeup for both heads of the Alien Banquet table (above):
Boba Fett (far left) and the King Boss Klatooinian (far right). For STAR WARS : THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT , Kelman applied daily makeup with Designer Brian Sipe for the show's star -- the multi-stage burn/ healing makeup for the galaxy's most famous bounty hunter, Boba Fett himself, as played by Temuera Morrison.

Boba Fett Makeup Star Wars Book of Boba Fett
Klatooinian Boss King Boba Fett Barada Kithaba
Klatooinian Boss King Boba Fett Barada Kithaba

The new yet classic updated alien species of Klatooinian creature was sculpted and applied by Jamie Kelman, makeup on actor Ardeshir Radpour playing the lead Klatooinians. Art direction by ILM Lead Concept Artist Doug Chiang and Mandalorian Lead Designer Brian Sipe, based on Original Trilogy Barada / Kithaba Skiff Guards design by ILM Key Sculptor Dave Carson

Kelman Sculpting Klatooinian . Klatooinian Boss King Boba Fett Barada Kithaba RETURN OF THE JEDI

Jamie Kelman is part of the VICE Makeup Team,
co-keyed the Makeup Department and
designed, created and applied the makeup to transform
actor Sam Rockwell into the character George W. Bush:


Jamie Kelman's Makeup FX Portfolio:
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