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Formerly an L.A. valley 'garage shop,' the multiple award winning  KELMAN STUDIO was upgraded & remodeled into a professional blend between a clean doctor's office and a mad doctor's laboratory. A world-class home-studio, every type of special makeup effect has been produced within its walls, from subtle character prosthetic makeups to puppet head replicas of actors to full head-to-toe creature monster suits, complete with animatronic capability. 

Jamie Kelman & KELMAN STUDIO's artwork has been seen globally, on large and small screens around the world, for 20+ years.
The following photos are from inside KELMAN STUDIO, during the making of 
IRON MAN, VICE, ARGO, THE SURVIVOR, HORRIBLE BOSSES, new STAR WARS and many other movies and shows.  If you are considering using my services for an upcoming job, please see the KELMAN STUDIO Credo/Mission Statement below these photos....

When Jamie Kelman / KELMAN STUDIO takes on your project and designs or builds your makeup or prosthetics, Jamie Kelman personally sees it all the way through from initial concept to on-set application.

So- if there are any issues, it is all handled and resolved by 
the same person who designed and built the makeups in the first place.

KELMAN STUDIO is not a massive full-time factory-style FX shop. 
It is a boutique FX lab; and therefore not always available. We take on only one job at a time. But when available and when hired, you have the full attention and direct access and communication to achieve the best possible outcome - and the history/track record is of highest successes.

When we work together, you have assurance that KELMAN STUDIO will produce the most creative character prosthetic effects and top-notch, realistic illusions to enhance the storytelling and vision of your project, for you and your audience to enjoy.

Thank you!

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